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The really (not) scary truth about nuclear research

By Sandra Chao Nuclear research in agriculture is not as scary as it sounds. “I’m sorry Madam, but the only open field trips are for irrigation and biotechnology,” the clerk at the registration said to me. “Bio-what?” I asked. “Yes, … Continue reading

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National Biosafety Authority to ensure gmo foods safety

By Agatha Ngotho Dr Willy Kiprotich Tonui is the chief executive officer (CEO) of the National Biosafety Authority (NBA). He is one of the leading scientists in Africa and the only Registered Biosafety Professional (RBP). Prior to his appointment, he served … Continue reading

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Localizing the GM debate the sure way of developing acceptance

By Kimani Chege While growing up in Nyandarua County, as a farming community, there were many challenges which at some point I thought needed someone bigger than us to solve them. There were problems of infrastructure with impassable roads being … Continue reading

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