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Why Devolution in the Health Sector should be halted

By Geoffrey Kamadi Rather than bring services closer to the masses thereby increasing efficiency through disaggregation of government functions, it is now feared that devolution might actually have the direct opposite effect. And this is despite the fact that the … Continue reading

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Localizing the GM debate the sure way of developing acceptance

By Kimani Chege While growing up in Nyandarua County, as a farming community, there were many challenges which at some point I thought needed someone bigger than us to solve them. There were problems of infrastructure with impassable roads being … Continue reading

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A Wood Science graduate’s thoughts on how his expertise fits in our world

I hate Food Science. But I’m fond of food. I hate Food Science because every time I mention the course I took in campus, whoever I am talking to goes, ‘Er, Food Science? Nice course’. Well, maybe. I wouldn’t know. … Continue reading

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Science soars in 2010 KCSE results-but more funding needed in S&T

As excitement dies down over the just released  KCSE results which posted an improvement in Science and Mathematics subjects, the focus now shifts on the country’s investments in Science and Technology that remain at an all time low by world … Continue reading

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