About Mesha

Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture in Kenya (MESHA) is an association of communicators who are specialized in science, environment, agriculture, health, technology and development reporting.


2 Responses to About Mesha

  1. Bob Koigi says:

    My name is Bob Koigi, working with an online news Agency called African Laughter. I am a senior Journalist writing for our agriculture website http://www.webarazafarmer.com

    I benefited from the recently concluded Wren Media’s training on Better Science reporting held in Nairobi.

    The training changed my whole perspective of agriculture and Science reporting in so many fronts.

    The well structured programme of the training where we would visit farmers in the morning interact with them, learn the new farming techniques they have invested in and then going back to write the story in the afternoon was an eye opener on why Agriculture Journalism in Kenya is at its dismal state. An interesting and eye catchy story is one told by the main stakeholders in that area. The training assisted me in learning that there is no agriculture story if a reporter doesn’t involve the farmers directly, who are the primary stakeholders.

    The training also was a platform of demystifying the ambiguous and vile relationship between journalists and scientists. During the training we, the participants, spent almost the entire course with scientists, in classes and in the field in trying to understand each other, a factor that has since then helped me deal with scientists when am talking to them about a potential story lead.

    I also met very many agriculture and science journalist beaming with the same enthusiasm like me, whose experiences and difficulties in reporting on science and agriculture assisted me in advancing my career. I would definitely recommend these kinds of training to more journalists covering science and agriculture as we seek to push for more coverage of these incredibly important topics that have for long been neglected by the mainstream media.

    There was so much i learnt from the training that simply cannot be compressed on email, and would always share it with my fellow agricultural journalists. I trained journalists from our news Agency about what i learnt for two days and i have seen a lot of change in their copy.

    Thank you so much.

    PS: How can I become a member of MESHA to be on the mailing list, was recommended to me by a friend. I think this is a very noble idea.

  2. Barbara O'Brien says:


    I have a quick question about your site, please email me back as soon as possible!


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